Vabar Robust 2500 puffs


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  • Enjoy up to 2500 puffs of vaping in one sleek, lightweight and disposable device.
  • Get a hassle free experience with a pre-filled tank of e-liquid, so you can start vaping right away.
  • Battery boost featuring an integrated battery for longer lasting vaping sessions.
  • Stylish design that looks great on any occasion – perfect for when you want to impress your friends.
  • Perfect for vapers on the go or beginners trying out a new vape device without having to wait for setup time.

Vabar Robust 2500 Puffs in Dubai, UAE

Buy Vabar Robust 2500 puffs in Dubai, UAE. We provide 100% original Vabar Robust in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and whole over the UAE. Just order to buy Vabar Robust, we’ll deliver within 1 day in UAE.

The Latest Vabar Robust 2500 Puffs – now available exclusively for our online customers! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your vaping experience with this high-quality, long-lasting, stylish device. Designed to provide 2500 puffs, the Vabar Robust is the ultimate choice for vaping enthusiasts seeking a top-of-the-line experience. The device offers maximum satisfaction, convenience, and longevity with its innovative features and sleek design. Also, Yuoto Thanos vape available in our online shop, you can buy.

VABAR ROBUST Product Features:

  • Compact design with sleek and stylish elements
  • Disposable vaping device
  • Built-in battery for power
  • Up to 2500 puffs per charge
  • Prefilled tank with the exact amount of e-liquid depending on the model
  • No need for recharging or refilling
  • Compatible with most e-liquids
  • Easy setup and use

Elevate your vaping experience with Vabar Robust’s cutting-edge technology. This electronic vaping device utilizes a high-capacity 1200mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting performance with up to 2500 puffs per device. Its prefilled 6.5ml e-liquid tank features premium quality, rich flavors that will satiate your cravings and deliver a smooth, satisfying experience. The device’s adjustable airflow system offers a customizable vaping experience, allowing you to choose between a tight or airy draw, catering to your preferences.

Vabar Robust 2500 puffs


Vabar Robust 2500 puffs Specification:

Product Name Vabar Robust 2500 puffs
Puff Capacity 2500 puffs
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Nicotine Strength 5% (50mg/ml)
Size 14mm x 108mm
Weight 25g
Material Aluminum alloy
Coil Resistance 1.2 ohm
E-liquid Capacity 4ml
Puff Activation Draw-activated
LED Indicator Yes
Flavor Options Multiple available
Charging Port Micro USB
Charging Time Approximately 60 minutes
Safety Features Overcharge protection, Short-circuit protection
Packaging Individually packaged

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